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Ryan and Rodiney go shopping and Rodiney tearfully confesses that he searched Raichen's phone and discovered texts that he believes prove Reichen cheated on him. Rodiney later tells Mike that he sent texts to Reichen's friend pretending to be Reichen. Derek and Roberto go out to dinner and Derek invites him to meet his mother. Rodiney and Reichen argue and break up, with Rodiney returning to Miami, possibly permanently. Rodiney books a job in Miami but his agent Julian tells him that it is not a good time to move back permanently. Austin brings champagne to Reichen's place.

They discuss Reichen's living arrangements and Austin suggests that Reichen should stay single for a while. Derek and TJ decide to make up with Austin to make Reichen happy.

Later they meet Austin for drinks and Austin apologizes for his behaviour. The group meets Reichen following his last performance and Rodiney shows up unexpectedly.

Everyone but Mike meets for dinner. Reichen and Rodiney announce their reconciliation and Austin expresses shock and disbelief. He and Rodiney argue and the altercation turns physical. Reichen tries to manage the guys when they in various combinations refuse to go to Maine depending on whether Rodiney or Austin goes.

Finally the various factions agree that they will all go. At Lake Pennesseewassee, Reichen confesses to Austin that he's lost the "boyfriend feeling" for Rodiney. Austin agrees to back off to let Reichen decide what to do about his relationship. Rodiney and Austin apologize to each other but the apologies turn into an argument and Reichen wonders aloud if he should have broken up with Rodiney earlier. Ryan discusses his marriage and Austin bursts into tears, apologizing profusely for coming between Rodiney and Reichen.

Reichen privately tells Rodiney that he is tired of the stress of their relationship. He has photographs taken of himself as various Tom of Finland characters for inclusion in the show. Ryan tells TJ that he has an appointment with a surrogacy counselor in hopes of having a child.

Austin tells Derek that he is going back to England and may not return.

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Reichen records a single, "To the Sky", based on a letter he received from a gay Air Force pilot, in support of repealing Don't ask, don't tell. He performs the song live at a party he and Rodiney host. Everyone praises his performance to his face, but Reichen overhears Austin trashing him behind his back. Reichen confronts Austin, who tells him he should break up with Rodiney. Reichen apologizes to Rodiney for not believing him about Austin.

Moderator Wendy Williams introduces retrospective clips for each of the A-Listers and they field questions from viewers. Reichen and Rodiney confirm that they are still together and have gotten past their problems. Austin calls Rodiney a "prostitute", saying he sleeps with Reichen so Reichen will pay the bills. TJ reveals he has had crushes on most of the panel.

Austin and Jake shock everyone by announcing that they were married in England in July. Reichen's online scandal generates gossip about his relationship with Rodiney.

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Austin and his husband Jake return to New York. Austin has an offer to appear on the cover of Playgirl magazine but Derek and Ryan wonder if he is in proper shape.

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Rodiney moves into his own apartment. TJ confides to Derek that he fears his friendship with Ryan is in trouble. Mike and Martin meet Nyasha, a budding recording artist who also owns a hair extension and wig company. Mike invites her to the launch of his t-shirt line, where she meets the rest of the group.

Reichen and Rodiney like her but the rest are not impressed. At the after-party, Rodiney and Austin rehash last year's arguments. It turns physical and Austin inadvertently hits Nyasha. They meet later and he apologizes, but Nyasha dismisses him as a child and a bully.

Rodiney considers taking out a temporary restraining order against Austin but after meeting with the group decides not to. Ryan worries that he's "too gay" and that it's affecting his business opportunities but Mike assures him there is no such thing as "too gay". Reichen confronts Austin about Austin's behaviour while under the influence of alcohol. Ryan fires TJ as his assistant in hopes of salvaging their friendship. He also helps Nyasha audition back-up dancers for her new music video. Austin does a test photo shoot for Playgirl which includes full-frontal nudity and being " fluffed " to achieve an erection.

His husband Jake is displeased to hear of this. Derek's potential boyfriend Duncan arrives in town but on a dinner date Derek loses all interest because of Duncan's boorish manners. He later tells his assistant Gina that Austin and Jake came into the restaurant and became fast friends with Duncan. Reichen invites TJ to go with him to Hawaii for a gay event Reichen is hosting.

Austin throws a cocktail party to show he can handle his liquor. Derek refuses to attend because Duncan is invited. The next day Derek tells Ryan that he is ending his friendship with Austin because of the betrayal. Derek tries to mend fences with Rodiney and Nyasha after his fallout with Austin. Washington D.

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Ryan advises Austin that he should back off of Derek. Rodiney goes on a date with a woman named Liza, who is surprised when he tells her he's bisexual. Derek performs in a " boylesque " number to promote his new spray tan line. Rodiney consults a speech coach to try to improve his English.

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Later he travels to California to shoot a calendar with Mike. Mike is honored for his work on behalf of LGBT homeless youth. Austin pursues his Playgirl opportunity but keeps it from Jake. Reichen and Nyasha get to know each other but Nyasha takes offense at Reichen's advice. Nyasha expresses her attraction to Rodiney but he does not share her feelings. Ryan arranges for the guys and Nyasha to walk in a fashion show for a friend; Derek and Nyasha snipe at Austin backstage but the event goes off.

Nyasha stresses over hiring models for her hair company's launch party. Mike does a photo shoot with Kathy Griffin in Los Angeles. Maskurbate 36 votes.

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